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Why we immigrated to Canada?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Moving to a different country is always difficult. Moving twice is another level.

First time I left, it required courage - leaving home, family and friends to gain better education and opportunity to work in cutting edge technologies. That's when I left India and came to the USA to pursue a masters degree in engineering. While I had a great job, and a work visa too, I decided to move to Canada. This time I moved because I wanted freedom from work visa restrictions.

In any case, moving requires ability to adapt to change. It also requires ability to learn and assimilate - in new country's culture, rules and regulation, customs, language and etc. We were recently interviewed by Workforce Windsor-Essex regarding our move. Here is the article.

Courtesy Gaurav Singh
Detroit Skyline from Windsor, Canada

Follow-up note:- (Jan 2020) We are moving back to the USA as I am starting my MBA in 2020 Fall.

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